Limousine Rental: Going to the Big Game

Sport EventTime for the big game and you and your friends want to go, but you don’t want to drive, rent a limousine, find one big enough for all 30 of you, you know there will be partying going on, and you can’t drive and party, so the only way to go is by limousine. You and your friends can split the cost, thirty people paying, each person would only have to pay a few dollars, how cool is that. Everyone gets to take a great ride and no one has to go broke in the process.

Look for a limousine service in Chicago that has a great reputation and has a limousine big enough for your needs, there are sports event packages available, where they will take you to the game and wait at no extra charge. You will also be partying on the way to the game and back from the game. Find out what is all included in the price of the rental, find out if they stock the wet bar with all the beer you want or if you will need to bring your own, most limousine service stock the wet bar with your choice of beverage.

When signing the contract or rental agreement of the limousine, be sure all details are included, the price of the rental, what you will have to pay if the inside is damaged in any way. If you need to pay for the alcohol used, ask about any hidden costs, make sure you have the date you need to reserve the limousine written down and it is correct, reserve at least a month in advance, limousine services are very busy in the big city of Chicago, call ahead of time to make sure the limousine you need is reserved for you when you need it and that a problem didn’t arise.

Now you and your friends can party on the way to the big game and party on the way back without worrying about who is going to drive, because all limousine services provide their own drivers. All you have to do, are sit back and enjoy the ride, have a few beers on the way to the game, and may the best team win. You are going to the big game in style and creating a memory that will last a lifetime in the process. This makes you a winner before you ever get to the game.

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