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The Benefits of Hiring a Hummer Limo

Hummer Limo ExteriorIf you are looking for an adventurous way to celebrate a special occasion in your life, you are at the right place.

Here we will reveal what is a hummer limo and all advantages of hiring one for your special day. Hiring our gigantic Hummer Limo is the perfect way to remember your special day by bringing in luxury and style.

The marvelous interior will contribute to an unforgettable ride, and the stunning luxurious exterior will grab all the attention that it deserves.

There are many benefits of hiring Hummer Limo, and in this post, we will highlight most of them to illustrate better our service. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious limousine hummer or hummer party bus for a wild celebration, we got you covered.

Our hummer limousine fleet in Chicago contains everything you might need and all vehicles are at your disposal anytime.

If you are interested in hiring a hummer limo, keep reading to reveal everything you need to know in order to personalize your order as per your desires.

Without further ado, let’s see the benefits of a hummer limo.

Suitable For Every Occasion

Whether you are looking for a luxurious vehicle for your birthday, wedding, or homecoming the hummer city limousines suit perfectly any occasion.

In contrast, the hummer limo party bus is an excellent opportunity for a wild celebration with up to 30 passengers inside.

We can create an unforgettable party for a birthday celebration or we can create an environment suitable for business meetings and company banquet.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we got you covered!


Luxury Hummer Limo InteriorThe hummer limo simply speaks about your status. Luxury is pretty much everywhere from the inside to the outside.

By hiring anything from party hummer to hummer limo you can count on a classy look that is yelling “WEALTH”.

The bar facility contributes to the luxurious interior by serving wine, vodka, and beer to enjoy while on the way to your destination.


Our party hummer rental services are 100% secure and the experienced chauffeur with years of experience behind the wheel ensures a safe ride across the city.

The party bus hummer limo services are prepared as many of the passengers are under the influence of hard drinks. Also, the vehicle seats are regarded as the best seats to reduce the risk of an accident.

The leather seat design contributes to a comfortable body posture without casing and back and muscle pain.

Sound System & Lighting

All of our Hummer limo vehicles are equipped with an amazing and loud sound system, where you can connect your smartphone to broadcast your own music.

Additionally, there are several displays inside the hummer limo party bus vehicles to create a mesmerizing party environment. Once inside in one of our hummer limo vehicles, you will be stunned by the interior design and party atmosphere to boost your mood.

Besides all that our hummer limo has inbound lights to create a disco atmosphere for an unforgettable party night. All of these benefits are 100% customizable so there is nothing to worry about, we guarantee the celebration you are looking forward to.

Flexible Schedule

The day and time do not matter and the only thing left to ask is “where to rent a hummer limo?”.

Our services are available 24/7 suitable for any occasion. Our hummer limo services often get hired for business celebrations, weddings, and even as an after-party vehicle.

The route does not matter either, where you want to go, our chauffeur will get you there.

Unlimited stops, a flexible schedule, and good company are everything you need to make the most out of our Hummer Limo.


If you are wondering how many passengers can fit in a hummer limo, the answer is about 30. We can always make an exception for 1 person more but up to 30 passengers can fit inside the luxurious interior.

If you want to take your party to the next level you should definitely check our double-decker hummer party bus, with a capacity of 132 passengers - fifty standing and eighty seated.

How much does a hummer limo cost to hire?

One of the hottest questions is “how much are hummer limo rentals”? The answer to this question is relative. Depending on your desires you can prepay for a whole night or get an hourly commission, again depending on the day of the week and occasion.

The hummer limo prices rental very, starting from $75 - $120 per hour. So the best way to understand the price is by quoting the supplier. As you now know how many people can fit in a hummer limo, you can bring up to 30 of your friends for an unforgettable birthday party, name day, or even a whole wedding.

How to Make The Most Out of a Hummer Limo Hire?

As you know our limo fleet is suitable for a huge gathering of individuals. Hummer city limousines are designed to make an impression and make you stand out.

Instead of getting taxis to transport your passengers or the entire group to the restaurant, you can simply hire a hummer limo to make an incredible impression on your guests before the party even started.

On the other hand, you can surprise them by starting the party in the vehicle followed by Party Bus in Chicago" href="" target="_blank">a few laps across the Chicago before you get to the end destination.

Now when we answered all the questions you might have, you know that our services are the best transportation methods, especially for larger groups.

Our previous clients have left testimonials highlighting our limousine hummer and how good it feels to arrive with style on a special occasion.

Bottom Line:

Now when you know how many passengers does a hummer limo hold and how much does a hummer limo rental cost, it is time for the greatest celebration of your life.

Do not miss your opportunity to arrive at your destination with a style and all it takes is leaving a quote or getting in touch with us to discuss all specifics regarding your occasion.

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Amazing, custom made interior design (all limos/party buses are equipped with disco ceiling, disco floors, disco bars, lasers etc…)
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