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How to Save Money When Hiring a Party Bus in Chicago

Party buses can never go out of trend. When it comes to traveling and celebrating events with your friends and family, party buses can be your partner. Party buses can add spark to your event and all also help you in organizing your event better. We understand that while organizing an event it can be a bit expensive and can hurt your pocket. Though party bus rental is not that expensive, yes it does affect your pocket and add to the final budget you set for your event. That’s why we have put together a few tips which can help you save a great deal of money while hiring a party bus in Chicago.

Try to Negotiate

This tip is for everybody out there who plans to hire a party bus. We all know almost everything is negotiable which is in the market, so it’s a good idea not to be so frightened to put your point forward. One thing is that you can ask about the services and see what’s included and what’s not, the services you don’t wish to use you can clearly ask the party bus rental company to exclude that and then ask to charge accordingly.

Don’t Exceed the Time Limit

Make sure you leave the party bus before midnight because if you proceed to stay in the party bus any longer than that you’ll have to pay more. So, try to end the party before midnight.

Avoid the Peak Seasons

Be it a festival season or a wedding season, it’s surely popular. As everybody is busy buying gifts for the family or shopping and indeed it’s a busy season for party bus rental companies too, as many party buses in Chicago are hired during this time of the year. So, if you have an event like a night out, prom, concert, etc which can have nothing to do with the wedding or festival season, book your party bus beforehand as it could be a bit on the expensive side if you’ll book it during busy days. Also if you are hiring a party bus for a wedding or bachelorette make sure to book the party bus 4-5 months prior to the wedding date to save up a great deal of money..

Choose the Party Bus According to the Number of Guests

It’s always good to keep one or two spares of anything but too much can cost you a lot. Many people who hire a party bus goes for a big bus as compared to the number of people who’ll be taking the bus for their event so that their guests could have an ample amount of space to roam. Actually, this is a misconception, no matter which bus you choose, every party bus has enough space for the riders to move around. So, whenever renting a party bus choose according to the passenger who’ll be riding the party bus as the price of the party bus also depends on the capacity it’s holding.

Riding a party bus in chicago is fun and it can also be pocket friendly if you follow the above tips!

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