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Party Limousine Etiquette Dos and Don'ts for Passengers

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Celebrating a special occasion, be it a birthday, prom, or bachelorette, can be a super fun and exhilarating experience. However, there are certain essential etiquettes that you must be aware of while riding in lavish limos and sharing space with others.

From being respectful to your driver or chauffeur to making sure there is no damage to the property, there are certain guidelines and behaviors that are expected of passengers when riding in a limousine. Let's spend some time today exploring these limo driver etiquettes to help you make the most out of your limo party experience.

Dos for Limousine Etiquette

Reserve Your Luxury Ride in Advance

Luxury transportation companies want to know about your plans and requirements before your trip begins so that you can reserve your preferred vehicle. And get the ideal customized experience for you and your fellow travelers. Not planning beforehand may lead to additional charges, a shortage of seats for your guests, or other major inconveniences.

So, make sure to book your luxury transportation ahead of time so that you have a car ready and waiting for you when needed with everything you want.

Notify The Special Requests

After completing all your arrangements, if something changes, like additional drops or the number of passengers on the trip, notify the limo service. These would, otherwise, interfere with the chauffeur's schedule and can spoil your party experience. It is also your responsibility to inform your driver if you are running late, especially if you have booked an hourly trip, to avoid extra costs. This is crucial because when you are charged per hour, the clock begins ticking at your pick-up time. Make sure you thoroughly plan your schedule and let others and the driver know if anything changes.

Aim for On-Time Pick-Up and Drop-Off

While your driver will gladly wait for you, it is respectful to keep everyone else on the planned timetable. When the driver arrives at your pickup location, you and everyone else should be prepared to leave (it might even cost you some extra bucks).

If you are sending your child to the prom in a luxury limo, make sure to arrive on time to pick them up at the authorized departure point.

Understand How to Enter and Exit

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If you have never taken a ride in a limo before, you may think that getting in and out is just like getting into any other car. However, there have been a number of unfortunate incidents in the past that indicate differently, so here is a step-by-step guide on the procedure:

• Let your driver open the door for you.

• Take the first available seat.

• Scoot or move along the seats until you get to the one you desire.

• And for getting out, make sure you wait for the driver to open the door.

Your chauffeur, however, will also guide you on how to enter and exit the limo, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Don'ts for Limousine Etiquette

Maintain Cleanliness:

It is your responsibility to return the limo to its same condition after the ride. So: -

  • Make sure all cans, bottles, and wrappers should all be empty and in the dustbins.
  • Do not throw food or other objects everywhere or at the other riders.
  • Ensure that your shoes are not lying on the chairs.
  • Everyone traveling in the limos must be mindful of sharp objects, such as belt buckles or heels, to prevent damage to the upholstery.

Avoiding Fighting or Getting Too Rowdy

It is quite understandable that the main objective of hiring a limo for a night out is typically to party, dance, and drink. However, if you do decide to consume alcohol, stay alert for excessive intoxication and rowdiness, and don't be an overly intoxicated rider that provokes a fight inside the limo. Also, you must strictly refrain from illegal activities and drugs, as they are not only prohibited by the law but can endanger everyone in the limousine.

Don't Push the Driver to Speed Up

Your limousine driver is a skilled professional who is required to follow all state-mandated traffic laws. So, bribing them or shouting at them to hurry up would be impolite and unprofessional. It would just spoil your fun and everyone else’s mood too.

Don't Disrespect Your Driver

Your limousine driver is supposed to take you from point A to point B without any issues. Therefore, they will do everything they can to make your trip as smooth as possible. But if there's an unexpected glitch in the plan, don't blame them.


A ride in a limo service in Chicago is an opportunity to create lasting memories, and observing proper etiquette is the key to a successful and enjoyable celebration. By following these guidelines, passengers contribute to a delightful experience, making the most out of their luxurious transportation for weddings, birthdays, proms, bachelor parties or any special occasion.

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