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What to do in a Party Bus?

Party Bus is a ride which can be called for special occasions and you’ll be shocked to find that it can also be booked for the corporate meeting as well. When it comes to going to a concert, a wedding or anywhere else, where the destination is far away, you cannot just reside talking and viewing the outside view. You will need some other things to do if your destination is far away and you are required to spend time in a party bus, in such case there are a few activities which you can do while driving towards your destination.

Let’s discuss all these activities in this article:


The first thing you all can do as a group is singing. Sing a song or browse a song or simply scream on the microphone, you'll be able to do several things together with your voice. karaoke is an excellent way to express your feelings. With karaoke, you can re-visit your old memories and songs that are present somewhere in the back of your mind and can make beautiful memories. With all this practice, who knows, maybe by chance, you will become a singer.


One amazing feature of a party bus is that it has an ample amount of space which makes it easy to groove as well. And the vibe and setting inside the party bus rental also set the mood to dance. You can even have a dance completion in the party bus and showcase your talent all you want, and poles you can show your ultimate moves.

What’s in the Bag

Women are infamous for having random things in their handbags and purses. If you have many female riders riding the bus, this game can be played easily. The host will just have to create a list of things before the bus starts. Once the party bus starts moving, you can separate the group into 2 subgroups. Then start calling out things randomly from the list, the team which finds the item in their purse and brings it to the host, they get a point. This game is pretty interesting and can keep you busy throughout the bus ride..


Well, drinks go with almost every joyful event. So, bring on the drinks that you can enjoy while riding the party bus. However, party bus rental provider’s play a big role here as they can not permit you to possess it. So the first thing you must do is get confirmation from the party bus rental company in Chicago. If alcohols are being allowed on the party bus, then the evening is yours. If not, then you can still enjoy the non-alcoholic beverages, beers, vodka’s, mojitos etc.

Fun Activities

You can also pass your time on the party bus by playing some games. There are all kinds of games that may be enjoyed along with your friends who are riding along with you, and the best thing is one can include anybody irrespective of their age. Also, you can showcase your talent and invent new games with your friends. And even if that’s not the case, you can still enjoy cards, trivia, tell the reality, snakes and shakers, ride the horse, king of the Hill, skits, dramas and additional.

There are various things which can be done in the party bus to pass your time and above are a few of them. Everybody has their own creative way of thinking so it’s up to you what you want to do on a party bus.

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