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Can You Rent a Party Bus to Drive Yourself

Party Bus ExteriorMany people are asking “can I rent a party bus without a driver” and the answer is “Yes”, you can hire a party bus to drive yourself without another driver but it is not that simple as it sounds.

We don’t have an official self-drive party bus rental service in Chicago, and in that regard, there are certain limitations and requirements before we can provide you with a vehicle to drive on your own.

In this post, we will reveal everything you need to know when renting a vehicle without a driver.

Before everything else, we will need to verify your driver’s license as we can’t simply provide our vehicles to anyone. Our affordable party bus rentals are competitive and we have certain requirements before we can provide you with a vehicle.

The number of passengers you can drive around the city really depends on your license and intentions. We can allow more passengers to more experienced drivers but unfortunately, neither you nor your passengers are allowed to consume alcohol, weed, or any intoxicating substance that can cause an accident.

However, that does not mean that you can't enjoy all the advantages that our party buses have. To provide you with clear expectations of what you will get we’ve prepared the pros and cons of renting a party bus without a driver.

Pros & Cons of Hiring a Party Bus to Drive Yourself

As the introduction mentioned there are more than a few limitations when it comes to riding a bus on your own.

Our chauffeurs are experienced drivers with years of experience, and we can provide vehicles only to people that we trust as we carry a huge responsibility. As our fleet contains different vehicles, you will need the corresponding driver’s license category.

For a party bus, you need to showcase category D1 and for our limo fleet, you will need a public sector vehicle (PSV) operator license.

Our passenger mini bus might be the best solution if you are not an experienced driver.

However, if you are looking for a limousine vehicle with the intention to seat less than 8 passengers you can go without the special license, instead we will need a B1 category.

With the B1 category, you can benefit from minibus rentals without a driver, where no additional license is required.

Party bus rental with no driver, is not a joke if we think of all the responsibilities that our chauffeur carry. They think of everything from the route to the passenger’s safety and security under the influence of hard drinks.

Pros of  Party Bus Rental Without a Driver

One of the benefits of renting a party bus without a driver is that you will be the driver. It would be stunning if a party bus arrives at the destination and the actual driver is you, so this service is a great opportunity to impress everyone.

You can fit a number of passengers as per your driver's license and you can still have a passenger party on the back. Our mini buses are the perfect solution if you are not a professional driver so make sure to check them out.

If you have rented a party bus before, you’ve probably thought of how great it would be to drive it yourself. Well, now you have that opportunity and one of the greatest advantages is that you choose the route and stops.

However, you should provide us with the full route, stops, and time in which you will return the party vehicle for security reasons.

To rent a party bus to drive yourself you will need to provide us with every detail beforehand. Anything from where do you intend to go, what vehicle features you will use, and how much distance you will travel.

Cons of Party Bus Rental Without a Driver

As you know there are many limitations when it comes to driver licensing in the United States. The major downside of hiring a vehicle without a driver is that you nor your passengers are allowed to consume any intoxicating substances such as weed or alcohol.

Another con of hiring self-drive cheap party bus rental is that you should focus on driving and you won’t be able to enjoy the party on the back.

Also, there is a lot of paperwork before we can grant you a vehicle to ensure measures for any possible scenario. So if you are looking for an affordable party bus that you can drive on your own, do not hesitate to contact us now to discuss all the important stuff.

Bottom Line:

Our affordable party bus prices are excellent for any occasion, especially if you drive the vehicle yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a transportation ride or even a ride to a certain sporting event, we got you covered!

You can leave a free quote to connect with us and we will come back to you with all information including rental pricing and everything you need to know.

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